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    Fresh and Natural Produce that You Grow at Home!

    Our “PODS” are “small” aquaponic systems for growing lots of different herbs and vegetables in an organic, natural system.

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    is one of the most productive and sustainable food production systems in the world! Now you can grow it at home.

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    Aqua Pod Garden Offers

    One of the finest and most affordable
    “All in One” aquaponic systems. Sized
    for use in your home, apartment, deck, patio or
     backyard garden






To Aqua Pod Gardens!

What exactly is Aquaponics? It is a combination of Aquaculture (farming fish) and Hydroponics (growing plants without soil) in which both fish and plants benefit from one another!

 AQUAPONICS MINI-GARDEN  -  powered by nature

    • The marriage of fish and plants growing in harmony

    • The fish feed the plants and the plants clean the water for the fish

    • Plants can grow up to 2X faster in the Aqua Pod Garden

    • Use up to 90 % less water compared to growing in soil

    • No chemical fertilizers required

    • Compact design

    • Perfect for your deck or patio

    • No more bending down to garden




1. Living fish produce ammonia (lower tank) 

2. Ammonia/water are continuously pumped to grow bed (upper tank)

3. Microbes in grow bed transform ammonia to  nitrogen that feeds the plants (upper tank)

4. Water is filtered by the plants and grow bed and returns purified, to the fish below